Paola, Itzel, Alessa: Within the last three weeks, at least three young women who identify as transgender have been killed in Mexico. Itzel was stabbed in the state of Chiapas, Paola and Alessa were murdered in Mexico City. So far, no suspect is in custody. Paola’s supposed killer – a customer demanding the service of the sex worker – was detained and quickly released after the police claimed not to have enough evidence. Meanwhile, Paola’s friends fight for justice – on the streets and online.

On October 4th, dozens of transgender women carried Paola’s body, laid out in a coffin, towards downtown Mexico City. There, and in their online petition called “Justicia para Paola, Justicia para la población trans“, they protest the lack of punishment for the suspect Arturo Delgadillo and the insufficient implementation of anti-discrimination rights. According to Delgadillo, he wanted to defend himself when she supposedly attacked him. In his version, she fired the shots herself. The initiatiors of the petition demand a revision of the case in court. Until today, around 7590 supporters signed it.

Generally, it is hard to find reliable statistics about violence against people who identify as trans. However, various sources such as the Transgender Law Center at the University of Cornell regard especially trans women as the most marginalised group in the LGBT+ spectrum:


Header Picture: Transgender Pride Flag


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