Victoria Altair is a psychologist, an engineer, an IT-expert – and she identifies as transgender. Due to the horrific murders commited against transwomen within the last three weeks, I talked to her about what constitutes gender, why transwomen are threatened and killed more than transmen and what misconceptions about the community annoy her the most:

A couple of months ago, Victoria and two of her friends founded “The Purple Hat Society“. The association tries to give transwomen from all backgrounds independence in the workforce by encouraging and assisting them in opening their own business. The colour purple is not just Victoria’s favourite but symbolizes the in-between position of transwomen in the common binary gender conception: pink for girls, blue for boys. Victoria herself used to have an IT-start-up which was no longer successful after her visible transition two years ago. “The Purple Hat Society”‘s ultimate goal – while raising awareness for labour discrimination against transwomen – is simple: Gender should not be the base for any kind of privilege or discimination anymore.


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